• Lasting Makeup by Water-remaining formula
  • Good concealing effect
  • Waterproof & sweatproof


Chosen the Asian complexions, the tri-color concealer can be used separately or blend together. It can modify the uneven tone, suitable for different skin conditions and able to produce a natural look.


A. Light color : The color is creamy white,suitable for concealing the red spot near the nose, to cover acne, acne mark, red/dark spot


B. Light Orange : The color is orange pink, able to neutralise the dark circles and brighten the skin around the eyes.


C. Dark color: The color is brown, to modify uneven skin color, to conceal the darkness around the lips.


Ingredients (Origin):

Beeswax (Italy)

Ozokerite (Germany)

Diisostearyl Malate (Japan)

Glycolipid (France)

BIs-behenyl (Japan)

Polyisobutene (Korea)

SIlica (Korea)

Mica (China)

The formula is mild without irritating the skin.



朵色三色遮瑕膏DVZ Tri-Color Concealer